Packing for Portland Weather

Photo Courtesy of Magnus Manske

Photo Courtesy of Magnus Manske

We are excited to welcome you to Portland, OR, for the FRWG.  Oregon’s summer weather can be quite variable, so we hope this guide provides you some help in packing what you need to be comfortable.

Portland can be hot in August.  It could reach the 90s (degrees F, 32+° C), but is generally low humidity.  While it can be hot walking on the streets, many buildings are air-conditioned, sometimes too much.  So we recommend layers.  Cool temperatures and rain can also occur, so bring a light rainjacket/windbreaker.  You may want to bring hats and sunscreen too.

This will be a hot, dry day, with temperatures that could reach 100° F (37+°C).  You will definitely want to wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, but again, bring a light shirt/jacket for the air-conditioned interpretive center.

The weather on the coast this time of year can vary from warm and sunny, to cool and rainy, to hot and windy.  You will want a rainjacket/windbreaker, hat (that won’t blow away in the wind), and dress in layers as temperatures will vary from morning to mid-day to afternoon to evening.  If you have rubber boots or sturdy shoes, you will want to wear them during our low tide fieldtrip on Sunday morning. We hope to have some extra “loaner” pairs of rubber boots for those traveling from out-of-the-country.  (You may want to pack some extra thick wool socks for wearing borrowed boots).

We also encourage participants to bring empty water bottles and travel mugs (for coffee, tea, etc.) to reduce our collective carbon footprints.

If you have a specific packing question, please email Madonna Moss who will try to answer your question.